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This, this sharing with you is all so new to me, strangers, invisible only because I cannot see you or you me … yet my mother’s passing is anything but that. In time as we know it, it was two years ago, February 25th, 2013, around 2:30 in the morning: it was yesterday, it is today, and…

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I am calling on all songwriters and rappers! PLEASE! Let the music save the world!

I am fed up and I hope you are too! All this violence growing up and up in our country, once so strong and proud and now, falling apart on the highway to Evil, like the rest of the world.

A baby shot in the face, a jogger shot in the back by bored kids…those are the triggers!!!

We have to stop putting color on evil, evil is everywhere and every color skin.

If the black american would stop blaming the white for everything and the white would stop  blaming the black american for everything…Perhaps we can start doing some good.

PEOPLE! Stop watching and start reacting. Remember that there is only one color on the face of those crimes : EVIL!


To all the songwriters  and all the rappers, I am begging you:

Write uplifting songs, no more violence, hate, division, race, color.

Teach the kids, through your songs, to respect themselves and their surroundings, teach them to want to be someone, to fight, not to hurt others, but to help themselves. Teach them to love themselves and their surroundings, to fight for the good!

Teach them to stop being angry.

If they are leaving in a dysfunctional home, tell them to use the bad to make it better, not to be weak and choose the easy road! Fight to be better!

 Words can be powerful, the music can save the world!!!

Show us what you got! If you can write about violence, anger, bitterness, color and death, you are capable of writing about victory, love, respect and life.

This is a challenge that I put out there for ALL SONGWRITERS AND RAPPERS:

To Jay Z , Lil Wayne and all the others…..Please use your creativity, your words to SAVE THE WORLD!

A new generation will rise from it, perhaps we won’t see it right away, but if we can put the seed of peace in each and everyone heart, a little bit every day we can make the miracle happen.

A life to live….

Now, here we are, a white page, an open heart ready to speak, to yell to cry its own truth, nobody else, just its own. 

We are all different with one thing in common: we can feel lonely when we need love. Don’t lie to yourself, we all need love, we just look for it in different ways or find it under different forms, but love is love and the fact is…we need it! Why? because it is part of our life!

The key in life is :  it is never too late. We have to keep faith, follow the path of love, give love away as much as we can, under all forms and any ways….be loving, be caring for every human being, animals, plants etc…because there is a law in the universe, what goes around comes around so let it go, let it be and it will come back to you in some unexpected ways!

Don’t be afraid of love!

Learn to forgive to whoever hurt you and move on. the best way to let go all those feelings that can trouble you, is to write them on a piece of paper, write everything that comes into your mind, you will feel an incredible sense of relief. Put the piece of paper away and few days later, try to read it again, perhaps then, you will understand what is going on inside of you.

Most of the time, everything looks so complicated, but you have to tell yourself, “it only looks like it!”

We make it complicated, we always want to blame someone else for our mistakes, why? because we are human and human are not perfect!

In the mid time we all have an “emergency” work to do, the world is turning wrong, we are forgetting about: respect, love and caring.

Now the goal is what can we do to go back on the right track and rediscover about love and values of life?

Let’s start little by little, one step after an other, let’s begin with our own family, friends and neighbors and let it spread over, wishing and praying it will gain the whole planet. It won’t be a waist of time and it is going to be the beginning of your self healing.

I conclusion, the first step to love and to a better life, will be to accept your mistakes, to learn form them and never blame anybody for your own choices, then, listen to your Soul as your Soul is connected to love. If all decisions were made under the influence of love, a lot of more good decisions would be made. 

If you are ready to heal, you can heal and you will heal the world.

Life is like the sun, it rise in the the morning and slowly goes down in the evening to light up an other part of the earth. In between, it let us time to enjoy it, minute by minute, so we can be prepare for a brand new day!

We are all connected with the universe, every little thing happen for a reason! Find the rason and you will understand your purpose!

Naty – 06-17-2013

For my LOVE!

Blessed is the day, when for the first time,

you’ve just walk there, right into my life,

I will greet the night brimful of delight,

when you gave me that kiss I couldn’t deny.

Ever since that day, sweet love of mine,

I can hear my blossom heart

whispering me : I can’t resign leaving you tonight.