What I’ve learn so far about Life!

Life is not fair! That is what we tell ourselves every day, or if not… often enough!

But life doesn’t need to be fair; it is just what we make of it.

We take the decisions, good or bad, but it is our decisions, our free will and at the end, if we make a mistake, we can only blame ourselves. The only good thing is that we will learn from our mistakes  so we won’t repeat them again and again (hopefully…lol!!!).

Some..11 years ago, I took the decision to come in the US, so my son could be growing up with his father that was already living there. I left behind everything that really count for me, my mother, my brother, all my family, I was trying to recreate my own family, but it didn’t work that way!

My son grew up in an American society, I built my own little life too…that is when his father, that could not adapt himself to the American way, went back in France…but me and my son, we were at a point of no return…

My son was already in high school, lost his French writing and couldn’t go back to the French way! So I had no other choice than staying in the US where I built up a new life anyway!

I miss my family, I cannot return as often as I would like to.

It was my choice, was it a mistake? Future will let me know; I still think that my son has a better chance of a better life, here, in America as Europe is full of economic problems and a lot of people out of work.

But whatever is the outcome, I take full responsibility!

And that is the way it has to be for everything in life.

About relationship with others

It is not about you! Remember those 5 little words…it is not about you!

It is very difficult to live with others;

Relationship are not easy! When you are with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you have to know that every day is not going to be an easy day! There is going to be some wonderful moments and there is going to be some difficult moments.

Everybody has demons running around their minds, skeletons in their closets too…and when they come out, it creates some waves of sadness…fears….incertitude… and those waves creates fights, words that we don’t means etc…

So when you have a fight with your partner, try to remember, it is not about you but more likely, about his or her own demons running around too much in his or her mind!

Walk away, don’t answer, wait until the storm pass….after the storm the sun will shine again!!!

Then if you still have doubt, put in the balance: what are the good things that this relationship is bringing to me and what are the bad things.

The answer will come clearly if you have more good things than bad thing or vice e versa! No brainer!

In Conclusion

Life is unfair,  just you can make it fair, you make the choices, but remember, life is beautiful, there is nothing like a sunrise or a sunset, there is nothing like a smile, there is nothing like LIFE in general! It brings you a lot of blessings that you have to recognize along your path, even in your darkest days you can find a light…if you want to…Yes…if you decide to change the course of your life in case you don’t like where it is going.

But never ever blame anybody or let anybody take credit for what you did to YOUR life! And one more thing….Be humble and always remember where you come from!


10 thoughts on “What I’ve learn so far about Life!

  1. Miss Emm says:

    In all honesty Life is what you make of it. If a person chooses to complain and wait for others to pave their path, it will never happen.

    I used to take the saying “things happen for a reason” lightly. Now I am a firm believer. Whatever one’s path we must travel it, fair or not.

  2. A lor of food for thought–great job. I especially liked your closing thoughts: be humble and take responsibility for life. Wise words!

  3. adworldbyzaid says:

    love is just a test.it tests u at every moment .every second life prepares for you bigger test just like schools who first teach us and then take tests.

  4. if u want to know about anything about love you can visit my blog..thanks

  5. Wonderful lesson about life; many of us can learn a great deal from what you’ve experienced and written. Thank you for sharing; I wish you continued strength and determination!

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