Unfair Religion

This morning I was listening to a segment on a network about a pastor (married with 2 kids)  in Iran facing death sentence or life in jail because he is a Christian and refuse to abandon his religion to become a Muslim !!!!

Let stop here and think about this one second……WHAT IF……it was the contrary??????? The WHOLE WORLD would be yelling and screaming…in the street!!!

So why  all Christian are not in the street marching??? “the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom is expressing deep concern” (from a CNN article)..!!!  THAT’S IT ???

I am sure that there is plenty of those cases  in the world, with other religions and we don’t know about it!!!! but here is my problem with it……Now we know about that guy!!!!

I want to put the record straight, I don’t believe in Religion, I just respect everybody’s faith.

James Redfield (The Celestine Prophecy) wrote….”Religions become corrupted when leaders are assigned to explain God’s will to the people instead of showing them how to find this direction within themselves.” 

This blog is not about religion , but a cry out,  from the bottom of my heart, about unfairness, lake of respect and about a men standing out for his faith without hurting anybody and being executed for it…Waou…we are still at the “barbarian” times where people are killed for their beliefs…!!!

I hope that this blog will go far………and perhaps will help…somehow…somewhat…to save this Pastor’s life and bring him back to his family!!!



One thought on “Unfair Religion

  1. NatyNormal says:

    Waou..the power of thought…just listening on Fox News about this matter….I hope it will help him!!!!

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