About ME

 I am normal

I come from a place of love, born in the magic land of Africa, and I grew up in a paradise between sky and sea in the South of France. Traveled, lived and worked through all Italy, via a year on an Island in the Caribbean, and somehow ended up in Hallandale, Florida.

I am normal!

All those elements of my life, seem to be another time, another life … nothing could have ever prepared me for the life I am living now… or is just meant to be?



2 thoughts on “About ME

  1. I share much of your experience. Grew up Catholic, schools and all. There is proof out there about the afterlife. Check out the Monroe Institute. I agree with you that we just go into a different dimension. My mom who is still my best friend, died 3 years ago. I struggled with the death issue since then. But now, I feel that there are times that the veil between these two worlds is very thin and communication (visual as well) comes through.

    • NatyNormal says:

      I really really want to believe it..I am lucky I still have my mom that I adore and I can’t think of the day she will leave our world!!.thank you so much!!!!

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