About life and death

I always wanted to “vent” about the difficult subject of life and death, and find out what people think out there. It sounds so “unfair” to be born, grow up, make a life, go through all the good and bad, make some wonderful memories and some horrible one, getting there, begin to understand, being wiser (sometimes LOL) and then…wake up and look at the mirror, looking old, the body does not respond anymore the way it used to be and then……..nothing, you are dead, in a box, underground or in an urn, all burned up! It sucks!

Now here comes the debate: Is there life after death, what is the purpose of our life, does it count? is there a God or not? is there Angels or not? did we create God to take out our fear of dying?  are the Angels  real? can they be Extra terrestrial beings ? Waou..so much questions.

My thinking, I am a spiritual person , I believe in God and in the Angels, but sometimes, like a lot of us, my faith has tendency to go…down  :=(   and this is the time when I ask for proof, show yourself to me, talk to me….perhaps They did and I was not aware of it or perhaps it is just all illusion.

Just to give a little bit of a background about my faith, I grew up catholic, spent all my school years in a private catholic school in France, had a big faith crises when I was a teen (who didn’t..LOL), became atheist for a while, then found my way back to God, I do not believe in priest or in the church, I respect it but I do not need intermediary between me and God. It is directly between Him and Me.

Now to go back to the subject,  I want to believe that our life is not in vain, that everything happen for a reason and when it is time we are just going in an another dimension where we will grow up and bring with us all our experiences, and we will be allowed to come back, as spirit, sometimes, to help our children.

I want to believe too that the day I will die, my father will be there showing me the way.  I lost my father when I was 6 month old, so I really would like to finally meet him.

Is this all a dream? I do NOT want to make it a “religious” debate, it is not about what was written in the Bible or any other scriptures, it is about our personal beliefs, our own experiences.

Thank you to share them with me!

PS…Just got the news, as I am writing this page, a guy that we played tennis with, in his sixties, great shape..just die, massive heart attack on the tennis court!!!



2 thoughts on “About life and death

  1. Steph Russell says:

    Yes, I like it and I truly believe many people are exactly like you. I beg you to continue to follow me with my videos and my “book” Spiritual Foundations…..the good part is yet to come. Everything must have a beginning and in my case, I had to start with that so people would understand my true to live story……I grew up a lot like you, except not in France. Steph Russell

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