For my LOVE!

Blessed is the day, when for the first time,

you’ve just walk there, right into my life,

I will greet the night brimful of delight,

when you gave me that kiss I couldn’t deny.

Ever since that day, sweet love of mine,

I can hear my blossom heart

whispering me : I can’t resign leaving you tonight.



Poetry corner

My island,
between sea and sky,
there is an island waiting for me,
where the waves flow and die
on its golden seaside,
to the roots of a palm tree.
I leave my soul hover above this land;
like a sea-gull in search of his destiny,
like a glimpse in my dream, to the end
of the dreadful days I’ve left behind me

Happy Mother’s Day!

There is nothing in the world better

than the Love of a Mother!

She will always be here for you, when you need her the most,

when you feel you are lost!

And when she talks about Love, she knows what she is talking about

as she  only talks with her heart!

The Blessing of a Mother’s Love will Last Forever!

And the reason we are here today is to celebrate : Mother’s Day!