I am calling on all songwriters and rappers! PLEASE! Let the music save the world!

I am fed up and I hope you are too! All this violence growing up and up in our country, once so strong and proud and now, falling apart on the highway to Evil, like the rest of the world.

A baby shot in the face, a jogger shot in the back by bored kids…those are the triggers!!!

We have to stop putting color on evil, evil is everywhere and every color skin.

If the black american would stop blaming the white for everything and the white would stop  blaming the black american for everything…Perhaps we can start doing some good.

PEOPLE! Stop watching and start reacting. Remember that there is only one color on the face of those crimes : EVIL!


To all the songwriters  and all the rappers, I am begging you:

Write uplifting songs, no more violence, hate, division, race, color.

Teach the kids, through your songs, to respect themselves and their surroundings, teach them to want to be someone, to fight, not to hurt others, but to help themselves. Teach them to love themselves and their surroundings, to fight for the good!

Teach them to stop being angry.

If they are leaving in a dysfunctional home, tell them to use the bad to make it better, not to be weak and choose the easy road! Fight to be better!

 Words can be powerful, the music can save the world!!!

Show us what you got! If you can write about violence, anger, bitterness, color and death, you are capable of writing about victory, love, respect and life.

This is a challenge that I put out there for ALL SONGWRITERS AND RAPPERS:

To Jay Z , Lil Wayne and all the others…..Please use your creativity, your words to SAVE THE WORLD!

A new generation will rise from it, perhaps we won’t see it right away, but if we can put the seed of peace in each and everyone heart, a little bit every day we can make the miracle happen.